Daniel Andres (Founder), +20 years in the Finance and IT industry. Daniel initially worked for Swiss Bank Corporation (now UBS), where he was a broker on the Swiss Exchange (SIX-Swiss Exchange). Thereafter he moved into software development and training positions for Sobaco, a banking software platform provider in the private banking space in Switzerland and joined then SunGard in presales, project management, product management, sales and sales management roles in Zurich, Stockholm and London. Later on he took on a Managing Director position for SimCorp in London for their corporate treasury product line and then moved to Germany to become the Managing Director (Geschäftsführer) at XRT in Frankfurt which was acquired by SunGard in 2007. In his last roles at SunGard in Frankfurt he was responsible as Managing Director for the core banking and later on for the corporate banking business across Central Europe and the Middle East.

Daniel Andres